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Unlike the rest of the trillion dollar-plus insurance industry, the Life sector does not offer truly customizable products and services. Life operates on antiquated risk assumptions, inaccurate pricing, broken distribution channels and outdated technologies. Its bloated, top-heavy revenue scheme perpetuates the distribution of indistinguishable products and services that do not meet the very specific financial needs of individual policyholders. We set out to build the FORTAMUS brand and become an Advanced Technology and Development Center (ATDC) partner at Georgia Tech.


FORTAMUS data-centric operating methodologies determine specific risk for individual applicants and provide appropriate pricing for that specific risk. This high fidelity risk/pricing relationship provides superior products for consumers while increasing policy volume and profitability for distributors. A technology-active business model based on data modernizes the Life sector, enabling distributors to provide customized policies and investment products for individuals at a cost savings and higher ROI. Our strategy focused on Financial Advisors managing portfolios between $75-100 million total value.


In partnership with Chad Lawrence and his team from China, Keith and other WaddyFletch team members, attended the launch at Outdoor Retailer to help generate over 100 leads for the new textile technology. This included the some of the worlds largest companies in lingerie, under garment, sports wear, hats, helmets, prostheses and socks.

Outdoor Retailer 2020 | Denver, Colorado

Explainer Video

TurboDry technology can be embedded into any fabric. This detailed 60-Second explainer video takes you through the process of removing moisture from the surface of the skin and transferring it to the outside of the garment to keep the user dry and comfortable.

The TurboDry Story

TurboDry’s revolutionary fabric features a patented-pending technology that leverages the science of contact angles and capillary action to naturally transport moisture away from your skin. TurboDry is more than just a wicking technology, it’s a drying technology.

Free Your Body From Sweat

Trapped sweat can reduce comfort and affect performance by depleting the body of its energy. TurboDry fabrics rapidly pull sweat away from the body for easier evaporation.

Taking A Different (Surface Contact) Angle

We’ve carefully engineered the fabric contact angles to create surface tension with the moisture on your skin as a first step to get sweat quickly started on its journey to the outer side of the fabric.

The Capillary Effect – Natural Tech Meets New Use

Once the moisture is in motion, TurboDry relies on capillaries knit into the fabric structure to continue pulling sweat away from your body. This phenomenon, a type of biomimicry, is how plants transport water from their roots to their leaves. It’s natural, physics-based technology that doesn’t rely on added chemicals.

Rapid Moisture Removal

As surface tension and the capillary effect work together to draw sweat away from the body, the moisture moves to the fabric exterior where the droplets spread over a larger space to optimize surface area and quicken the drying process.

Dryness = Comfort

Regular wicking fabrics soak both sides of the fabric equally to allow your sweat to evaporate. TurboDry fabrics are specially knitted to significantly speed up moisture movement from the inside to the outside of the garment. This creates dryness next your skin for instant comfort and enhanced performance.

Chad Lawrence

Chad Lawrence is the CEO of Nextex Innovations and is a textile expert with 22 years of experience with a domestic manufacturing background in synthetic warp and weft knitting. He is an expert at leveraging technological advances in textiles for apparel knitters, manufacturers and marketers. Chad is a member of the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech and is a Trustee for the Georgia Soft Goods Education Foundation.

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