Wealth Management Merger

In 2018, the Bapis Group disrupted the wealth management space by changing their name to Vios Advisors and merged their client roster and skills set with one of the most storied and renowned names in finance: Rockefeller. Rockefeller Capital Management (RCM), whose roots date back to 1882 and the family office of John D. Rockefeller, America’s first billionaire.

Vios Advisor’s assets, at $1.4 billion, were combined with RCM’s total assets under advisement, now exceeding $18.5 billion. As RCM’s first advisory team, Vios Advisors and Rockefeller Capital Management set a new course, fusing a new, forward-thinking vision.

WaddyFletch was hired by Dyanmis in NYC. Jim Tsokanos, the founder of Dynamis selected WaddyFletch to build the new Vios/Rockefeller brand from the ground up. We dedicate this case study to Jim who lost his life to Covid-19 on April 17, 2020. Rest in peace, Jim. We love you.



Logo Design

Brand Guide

Service Logos

Website Design

Sales Materials


Build a new brand, fusing new, forward-thinking vision and five decades of client service with Rockefeller’s seven generations of wealth building, preservation and stewardship for high-net-worth individuals, families and institutions.


As RCM’s first advisory team, Vios Advisors wanted to merge old school cool with new, innovative thinking, resources, global perspective and tools. Our approach included creating a series of custom illustrations for targeting MultiGenerational Investing, New Generational Investing, Sports & Entertainment, Women & Wealth and Entrepreneurs & Business Owners.


We handed over an 52 page brand guide that strategically positioned Vios|Rockefeller for decades to come. It carefully crafted VR’s unique story, verbal & visual identity and a brand spinout that included social media, website and collateral. Additionally, sales brochures and sales decks were created for each segment using the new brand for closing prospects faster.

Building The Brand

The Vios-Rockefeller brand expression melds our brand strategy (how the brand is defined) and our brand identity (how the brand is articulated). Our brand expression articulates the absolute essence associated with managing consumer expectations through our core purpose. The Vios-Rockefeller brand expression is old school cool with new school and tools. We have created a entirely new category in Financial Wealth Management.

Michael Bapis

Michael N. Bapis, is the Managing Director with Vios Advisors at Rockefeller Capital Management. Michael is considered a thought leader in the financial services industry, having regularly appeared on CNBC’s Trading Nation and Worldwide Exchange, Bloomberg TV and Yahoo Finance as well as quoted in CNNmoney.com, CNBC.com, Reuters, Financial Planning and Investment News.

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