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We Are Business Growth Architects

Elevator Pitch

What Do You Do? (Short Elevator Pitch)

We help companies Connect The Dots between strategy, marketing and sales by creating powerful brands that resonate with customers and websites the turn prospects into clients.

How Do You Do That? (Long Elevator Pitch)

Before we do anything, we take a 360° look at what’s working and not working in your business. Then we dig deep to understand your Target Market and your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP); we uncover a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), a Brand Promise, and a Sales Offer that sets your business apart from the competition; we develop the BIG IDEA, both visually and verbally, that positions your business in a unique and valuable way; we create a comprehensive road map to attract, persuade, convert, and retain the RIGHT customers; and finally, we measure the ROI of every dollar spent on sales and marketing and optimize along the way.

Key Sales Messages

Examples of key sales messages: “We were the first to…”, “We’re the largest…”, “We invented the…”, “We’re the only ones to…”, etc.

  • At WaddyFletch, we bring unrivaled experience in branding and marketing, along with business acumen and creativity, to deliver transformative business growth for our clients.
  • We have over 50+ years experience in branding/design and digital marketing/lead generation.
  • We help companies connect the dots between strategy, branding, marketing and sales so they grow revenues and profits, and ultimately, reach their full potential.
  • We begin every client project by starting with strategy and branding. This guides us in everything we do moving forward.
  • When your hire WaddyFletch, you get Waddy and Fletch. We do not hand you off to young account managers who are learning on your dime. We co-manage ever client project together and bring our 50+ years experience to everything.

Why Us?

At WaddyFletch, we do more than branding, web design and marketing. We connect the dots between your customer’s needs and your brand promise; we dig deep to understand your ideal customer and what they need most; we create brand stories and sales offers that resonate with your target audience and differentiate your business from the competition; and most importantly, we build sales tools and marketing programs that grow your bottom line.

  • Our Approach – we start with strategy and brand positioning and messaging first.
  • Our Expertise – we have over 50 year experience combined. When you hire us, you get us – not some kid learning on your dime.

Waddy Bio

John Waddy is co-founder and CEO of WaddyFletch. He has a Bachelors degree in Marketing from Georgia State University and a Masters of Science in Technology Management from Mercer University. John began his career with IBM and MSL (large PR firm) before launching his own marketing agency, Travel eMarketing in April 2001. Travel eMarketing provided search engine marketing services for hotels and resorts. In July 2003 John launched TwentySix2 Marketing to provide the same online marketing services to all types of companies, including B2B, B2C, and e-commerce companies. TwentySix2’s client list included large companies, such as AutoTrader, Ebay, Georgia Pacific, Home Depot and Verizon Wireless, as well as many small and mid-sized companies.

In 2019, TwentySix2 merged with Fletch Creative to form WaddyFletch, a boutique marketing agency that provides branding, messaging, web design and marketing services for growing B2B and B2C brands. John is a native Atlantan, an avid golfer and an Eagle Scout.

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