Difference Map

Difference Mapping is a process of introspection that brings forward truths about our company, our industry and our customers. Difference mapping creates a path upon which to build our strategy and tell our story, steering us away from obstacles and toward success.

Truth About Us

  • Keith and John each have 25+ years experience in the marketing industry
  • Keith is the branding and design expert
  • Carol is the brand messaging and copywriting expert
  • John is the the digital marketing and lead generation expert

Truth About Our Industry

  • The marketing industry is divided into 4 sectors: traditional full-service ad agencies,website design firms, branding firms and digital marketing agencies.
  • Everybody says they do everything and most of them are unable.
  • All marketing agencies are the same; they are tactically driven not strategically driven.
  • Most big agencies employee mostly young and inexperience employees to do the work.
  • Most clients expect a massive ROI from a minimal investment.
  • Chat GPT is changing how things get done.

Truth About Our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

  • They have hired marketing agencies in the past with mixed results
  • They view marketing as tactics
  • They don’t understand the value of strategic planning
  • They want immediate results and re
  • Upper management often sees marketing firms as vendors not partners

Purpose: Why Do We Exist

  • To help entrepreneurs build better companies and become better leaders

People: Who Is Our ICP?

  • Smart, fun, coachable business owners
  • Ambitious entrepreneurs on a mission to grow their company

Personal: How Can We Change Their Feelings?

  • Set expectations about deliverables and timelines throughout each project
  • Deliver a return on investment from our services
  • Create an amazing brand and website they can be proud of

Perception: What Do They Believe?

  • Marketing does not always result in increased sales
  • Content marketing is hard and writing great content is even harder

Product: What Do They Really Want/Need?

  • Growth – more sales and profits for their business
  • Sales – more qualified leads coming into their sales pipeline
  • Return on investment from all their marketing investments of 3x to 10x
  • A brand story that differentiates their business from the competition
  • A website that attracts, persuades, and converts prospects into customers