Value Pillars

Before we can effectively and memorably tell our story, we must understand some truths about our company, our industry, our customers, and our competition. We must acknowledge our shortcomings, think strategically and smartly about how to overcome them and be steadfast in our efforts to do so. We must not take for granted our strengths, instead, constantly build upon them, and use them to launch our business to the next level of possibility.

Default Position

Waddy and Fletch have more experience in branding and marketing than 99% of the agencies you can hire.

Unique Assets and Capabilities

  • John and Keith both have over 25 years experience each in branding, web design and marketing
  • We “pop the hood” on your business to get a diagnostic to make sure we get the right things done with the right people
  • We provide a more holistic approach to strategic business growth that most other agencies
  • We provide a Business Growth Workshop to educate clients on branding, marketing and sales
  • We provide quick delivery and high quality of execution

Customer Engagement

  • Lower cost with higher quality
  • Partners vs vendors
  • Intimate understanding of business owner struggles

Market Focus/Experience

  • Deep experience in the branding and marketing sector on a global scale

Strategic Relationships

  • Vetted and tested virtual team members
  • Deep knowledge of online tools

Corporate Vision

  • WaddyFletch will be the first choice for companies that need a partner in strategic branding and marketing services
  • We will continually improve and streamline and update our processes and technology
  • We will provide superior, individualized customer service
  • We will continue to provide innovative and creative ideas to catapult our client’s growth
  • We will make sure the client experience is impactful and fun at the same time