Our Story Is Really About You

John Waddy and Keith Fletcher met each other working at a small agency back in 1997 where Fletch was Creative Director and Waddy was CFO. As often happens in the agency world, that small agency was swallowed up by a bigger agency (MSLGroup) a couple of years later. We stuck around the new place for a while, but eventually, we both decided to move on and start our own marketing agencies. John started a digital marketing agency in 2001 called TwentySix2 Marketing and Keith launched FLETCH Creative, a firm that focused mainly on foundational brand building and overall brand execution in 2008.

Over time, our respective agencies grew to be very successful, but recent changes in the marketing industry caused us to re-evaluate how we operate and how to best serve our clients.

Industry Trends

  • The multitude of online channels makes it difficult to rise above all the noise and reach the right customers in the right way.
  • The price of online ads continues to climb as big companies enter the fray of competition and drive costs up with their big budgets.

Client Challenges

  • New agencies pop up every day, as the barriers to entry are low, so clients have no way to separate the good agencies from the bad ones.
  • Most agencies are filled with inexperienced people that are learning on the clients’ dime.

Agency Challenges

  • Office rents, health insurance, and employee benefits are at an all-time high, so agency rates continue to skyrocket.
  • Employee turnover is high because people change jobs frequently in search of new opportunities and more money.

Our Pivot, Your Benefit

Marketing impacts all areas of  business – sales, finance, customer service, and human resources, just to name a few. Over the last 30 years, John and Keith have looked under the hood of over 300 companies and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yes, we are branding and digital marketing experts, but these things by themselves are not the silver bullet for moving the needle and driving growth. That’s why Waddy and Fletch personally spearhead everything, and when needed, build a team of the best and the brightest people to serve your unique business.

The mission now is to turn your company into an awesome, revenue-generating machine.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Experts with thinning hair and 30+ years of experience.

John Waddy (left brain)

Everyone calls him WADDY

Business Strategy, Online Tools, Financial Analysis, Leadership Coaching, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Data Analytics

IBM, MSLGroup, TwentySix2 Marketing

Americold, Aprio, Elevon, Jackson Healthcare

AutoTrader, eBay, Home Depot, Ralph Lauren, Rosewood Hotels

Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, Druid Hills Golf Club

“You can have anything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Keith Fletcher (right brain)

Everyone calls him FLETCH

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Development, Messaging, Brand Identity, Logo Development, Graphic Design, Video Production, Website Design

Pringle Dixon Pringle, 
MSLGroup, FLETCH Creative

AstraZeneca, AT&T, Bard, Dornier MedTech, Equifax, Halyard Health, Philips

Best Buy, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, SunTrust

Saint Brigid Catholic Church, Mustard Seed Communities

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Ready to Move the Needle?

Let’s get the RIGHT things done.