Positive Energy

Headquartered in Cayce, SC, SCANA Corporation and their subsidiaries serve electric customers in South Carolina and natural gas customers in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

SCANA came to us for help optimizing and managing their Google Ads campaigns. They were spending more than $3 million per year on paid search with marginal results.

Paid Search Methodology


SCANA was working with another agency when they came to us for help with Google Ads. The previous agency was wasting a significant amount of money on branded keyword phrases like “SCANA Energy” and struggled to find high converting, non-branded keywords.


For over a decade, we have optimized SCANA’s Google account structure, found the best keywords, built paid search landing pages, installed tracking URLs, tested sales offers, managed seasonal budgets and improved Google Ad campaign performance every year.


As a result of our paid search account modifications, we were able to reduce SCANA’s paid search ad spend by six figures while increasing sales by more than 230%.  In addition, new customer acquisition costs have fallen by 30% in a very price competitive marketplace.

“PPC traffic converts 50% better than organic site visitors.”

Scana Google Ads PPC Case Study

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