Collateral Evaluation Services is the standard of excellence in commercial real estate appraisal management. CES delivers fully customized appraisal solutions for financial institutions, property owners and real estate developers. Since 2008, CES’ best-in-class processes have ensured that clients are in full compliance and achieve proper due diligence on appraisals, evaluations, environmental site assessments, business valuations and property inspections.


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In 2021, Fletch received a call from Larry Woodall, the Founder of CES. CES had been treading water at the same revenue for years and Keith was asked to step in as COO & CMO to help take the company to the next level. Operationally, things needed to change. In every way, the company needed to become BizSynced. The biggest concern was finding the right people to do the work. Staffing, technology, branding, messaging, website, sales processes, digital marketing, social media and SEO all needed to be addressed to get CES moving in the right direction.


Things changed quickly. First, Keith worked with the founder and the SLT to build a consistent visual and verbal brand guide that became the CES’ brand bible. Next, Keith hired a recruiter to find the right people and streamline finding the right talent. As time went on, things began to operationally run smoother. As CMO, Keith coordinated all of CES’ online social channels, produced monthly videos and email campaigns, and implemented a solid SEO strategy.


CES’ revenue more than doubled in 2021 & 2022. As you read this, CES’ Google rank continues to climb rapidly. The combination of restructuring the company operationally, implementing key technology, solidifying the brand message brought CES into the 21st century. CES is positioned on a solid foundation. Keith continues working with CES as a Fractional CMO.

CES’ Appraisal World

CES’ Appraisal world was started to give clients a visual connection to the people at CES actually preforming the work. The secret to its success was keeping the videos short and concise. Hearing from the experts themselves built confidence and encouraged referrals from the banking and appraisal community. The platform will also be used for guest speakers and clients that sing the praises of CES.

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